Copy of 4x4_logo  Welcome to the Glossop 4×4 Group website

We are a small but active organisation based in Glossop Derbyshire, promoting sensible off-roading and green laning for those who are interested. Are you one of them?

If you are interested in becoming part of a not over serious but responsible off-road and green laning group, then read on. Any make or model of 4×4 and any level of driver experience is welcome at our events. See what’s happening and how you can become part of it…

Check out our upcoming events, become a club member, then join in!

Take a look at some of our previous events, by browsing the photographs in the  event archive .

Contact Us

If you want more information about Glossop 4×4 Group or are interested in becoming a member, please join us at our social club meeting, held locally at The George & Dragon pub in Charlesworth, Glossop, on the third monday of each month.

For further information on joining us, please see our  membership page .

You can also telephone membership secretary Patricia Kent on 0161 339 4400 or email: patricia.kent@yahoo.co.uk

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6 thoughts on “Home

    • Hello Col,
      Thanks for your enquiry, and congratulations on your recent purchase!…. There’s some detail on joining on the membership page https://glossop4x4group.co.uk/membership/ , However, you’ll also notice we have pub meets on the third Monday of each month at the Grey Mare pub. You’ve just missed the one we had last night, but no fear, we also have a committee meet on the fourth Monday of the month at the same venue. Its called a committee meet as its the time for any official things to get sorted, but all members are welcome. So please feel free to pop along on Monday 23rd feb, Grey Mare Pub Charlesworth, near Glossop, from 8pm onwards, or indeed any of the pub meets to introduce yourself. Pat looks after the membership side of things, but anyone in the club is more than happy to chat to potential new members… We’ve had a couple new members join recently, so please don’t feel like you’ll be the odd one out!…There’s a good mix of people, some new to 4×4, through to others who’ve been around the block a few times!
      There’s lots of photos in the archive on here, so please have a look…We’ve only just changed the club website recently, and I’m still working on adding more content, which I hope to get on here soon.
      Look forward to meeting you.
      Joe (web & facebook admin)


  1. Just browsing the net, thought I’d look at the site and saw the LJ. Is it still in the club/on the road. I’ve got two myself but they’re in bits at the moment.


  2. Hi Dave, I’m not sure if the LJ is around anymore, but we’ve got a few members who like the Suzuki motors. We’re not an exclusively Land Rover based club, so we normally see a good mix of different 4x4s at meets and events. cheers, Joe (web/facebook admin)


  3. Thanks for a fun circuit in the RR V8 at the Hayfield show.
    Are there any sites in particular that specialises in selling off roaders that you can recommend, or is it best to hit the autotrader and add the extra bits myself?




    • Hello James, Glad you enjoyed the Hayfield show, and apologies for not spotting your message and replying sooner. Yes, the usual classifieds magazines, papers and websites can help, including ebay. If you use facebook, try some of the groups on there too. .
      Good luck with your search. Hope to see you again!. cheers, Joe (web and facebook admin)


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